Self Istanbul is located on Beylikdüzü – Bahçeşehir TEM link road, which is one of the most popular residential areas in Istanbul. Housing a total of 609 apartments and 60 offices, this residential project offers different types of apartments ranging from 1+1 to 4+1 designs.

The Self Istanbul project is planned by architectural design teams boasting many domestic and international awards. The project where about 85 percent of the land is designed as a landscape area is at a close proximity to urban transportation. Featuring a happy and peaceful family life concept, this project also offers huge investment opportunities.

Located right at the center of modern life, the Self Istanbul project not only stands out for its close proximity to means of transportation such as metrobus, airport, and metro but also offers a safe, happy, and peaceful family life with its apartment layouts perfectly designed down to the last detail, modern botanical landscape and environmental plan, walking trails, leisure areas, recreational facility, outdoor swimming pool, 24/7 security system, storage areas specific to each apartment, and satisfactory parking garages. The Self Istanbul project is a total child-friendly project with its indoor and outdoor activity areas meticulously designed for children.

It includes a central heating system and offers a fully fed generator service in shared areas and apartments. It also has state-of-the-art elevators in sufficient number and speed. Designed to be in accordance with the latest earthquake regulations, the Self Istanbul project boasts raft foundation and pile foundation.

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